Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ben is here!

The Saenz family just welcomed another little boy. Meet Ben... he was such a good sport during the shoot with his big bro poking at him and pretty much jumping on him:) LOL... it was quite entertaining to be there. Love you guys!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Lila's Spiritual Blessing

I have been SO excited to blog this event. The Boren family is so special to me, and they invited me to join them to document Lila's very special day. They had a spirtual blessing/ baptism for her in their backyard. It was SOOOOOO beautiful, not only because there was not a detail that was missed, but also because of the meaning of the day and the way they expressed it so that not only the adults would understand the day, but the children as well. They had a theme of butterflies that ran throughout every detail. Lila actually wrote a poem about butterflies as well... can you believe it? A child writing this beautiful poem:


Butterfly's in the sky with me
with Lila Alura Garcia
With me, floating with them
I love butterflies in my heart
Release the butterfly's that are trapped in that box
And then they can with me to my house for a play date
And then the butterfly's loved me
And then I picked up a basket and filled it with flowers so the
Butterfly's could drink the sweet nectar of the flowers
My heart has wings like a butterfly.

Lila... you are such a special little girl and I am so thankful that you wanted to share this day with all of your family and friends. God will always have you in the palm of His hands!

This is the first thing that Lila showed me... a special locket her parents gave her. She tells me... "it has a picture of each of them from their marriage day"... So sweet!

A special "mini" table for Lila to share a meal with her friends!

Lila getting her own water to be blessed with.

Here are just a couple from the ceremony. Lila's parents, and each of her grandparents spoke special words to her about God. They then gave her a necklace of flowers. Later throughout the day Lila then took all the necklaces and gave them to her friends so she could share her "special blessings" with them!

Part of the reason I love photographing children is because of their complete innocence. You can see God in them, each and every one of them. As parents, it is our job and duty to teach them that God made us all perfect, and to teach them that they are perfect just the way they are, as God made them. It is the best gift that you can give your children! 

Ava is here!

"For this child I prayed" is up on Ava's wall... I thought it was so sweet and special! Her room has the cutest details I had to post a few images showing them off. Here are some of my favorite images from our day together...