Friday, September 21, 2012

The Cook Family: Together!

God always brings people together for a reason. This day, God brought me this family to capture... and it was a special special day. I got to learn so many lessons from them in the short amount of time we had together, and without saying too much, I am forever grateful for a lesson I learned this day.

The Cook family is so "together". I know that sounds a little corny... but seriously, you can just feel their connection. I think this is why I love shooting families so much. We all have busy lives, whether we work, raise our kids, travel, take our kids to their practices and games... all busy lives on different levels. The hard part of that, is that it's hard to stay connected as a unit. It's easy to let the day to day activities get in the way. The Cook family is busy in many ways, and Brian travels a lot for his career... and there is still this crazy magnetic pull between this family. It was really beautiful to watch. Victoria, thank you for connecting with me to do this shoot. Thank you also for sharing such an intimate part of your life with me. It made me go home and hug my husband and my sweet little Lilianna Victoria very tight... and taught me once again... to BE PRESENT in my life, as you are with yours. 

Here are a few favorites from our shoot:)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cole is 1 !!!

I can't believe how fast this life goes. I feel like I JUST shot Gracie when she was one! ... and now I am shooting her little brother who is one! Sigh.
Here are some of my favorite shots from our session:) I had to get a few of Gracie girl too... oh my goodness she is so adorable!


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The twins are here!

Lisa and Dave welcomed their beautiful baby boys, Michael and Austin. These babes are amazing! Typically newborn sessions are very hard and take a LOT of patience.... especially twins. For some reason, this shoot felt so smooth. Lisa and Dave are so peaceful and natural with these boys it was so nice to experience it:) Thank you so much for letting me capture this oh so sweet moment in your life:) Here are a few of my favorites:)