Friday, July 30, 2010

The McCracken Family

The last time I saw the McCracken family, Chloe was only about 5 months old... now she is 1 !!! I know I always say this, but I really love my job for this reason. I think it's incredible that I get to see couples who are engaged, to married, to when they start their families and then as the family grows over the years. I am so blessed. We had so much fun in the Orange circle. It always feels like home when I get to shoot there:) 

Gary and Nancy: Married!

Gary and Nancy are such a special couple. The met, became friends, then one day realized there was so much more there. They have had quite a period of wanting to be together, but having to wait for the perfect time. I am happy their perfect time finally came:) I had a wonderful time being there with them on there day! A special thanks to my amazing 2nd shooter Matt for helping me that day. 

Gary and Nancy decided to see eachother before their ceremony. Here are a couple of the images of the first moments they saw eachother:)

I peeked in and saw Gary and Nancy praying over eachother right before their ceremony... I love being able to be a part of moments like this...

Matt captured this amazing view from the reception...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The White Family

Lea and Brain decided it was time for a family photo session. I was so excited when I got their call and was able to set up a shoot with them. They were a little worried because Noah has never done a professional shoot before, and he is super shy. Let me tell you!... the shyness lasted about 5 minutes:) Then he was ready to go! Lea, Brian and Noah... I had SO much fun hanging out with you! Here are some of my favorites:)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Chris and Meagan: Married!

Chris and Meagan touched my heart from day one. They are a true example of God putting two perfect people together. Their wedding day was filled with prayer, thankfulness, wonderful family and friends, and the understanding that their union is only right because God is the center of it. I know their life together will be so blessed! The day was so much fun! There were tears, laughter, and let me tell you... a lot of people there knew how to boogie!!!

Their vendors were awesome:

Venue: The French Estate in Orange

Wedding Coordinator: Allie Varela (

Photography: Me of course:)... my favorite 2nd shooter Matt who rocks!

Flowers: Vicky Perrigan (

Makeup: the AMAZINGLY fantastic Lisa from The Primping Parleur

Hair: Danielle Quintanilla at Oneal Carson Salon

Meagan reading a sweet love note from Chris:)

I walked in to find all of the girls praying over Meagan, bringing tears to her eyes... It was awesome because Matt and I shoot separately in the beginning and when I got his images from him, he had captured the same exact thing going on with Chris, his brother, and dad. They were praying over him as well. The image is below:)

Chris and Meagan, it was an HONOR to shoot your wedding!!! I love you guys dearly and will see you in San Clemente soon:)